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About Me

Aesthetic nurse practitioner committed to providing minimally invasive anti-aging and beauty procedures

Hi! I’m Stephany Diaz

When I became a nurse practitioner in 2017, I never imagined myself to be as immersed into the field of aesthetics as I am today. Helping others feel confident in their own skin quickly became such a rewarding part of my life & purpose. Having four years of experience with injectables and other skin treatments, I have fallen in love with helping every individual achieve their desired goals. Being that skin is as unique as a fingerprint, every single patient requires a uniquely dedicated plan.


My vision is to accentuate real beauty and enhance real faces, without compromise. In the last year, I have developed a tailored approach to each and every one of my patients, and take pride in what I have been able to accomplish for so many, building long-term self-esteem.


My true passion is making you feel confident. Being that skin is as unique as a fingerprint, every single patient requires a uniquely dedicated plan. My passion lies in making beauty accessible by guiding others to brighter, more youthful appearances.


I am truly dedicated to outstanding work and results. I am satisfied with only the best, using the top products and ingredients beneficial to you. I began to realize that what I have to offer is special and truly look forward to offering my passion for aesthetics to all of you at The Plump Room.
Working hours

Sunday C L O S E D Monday-Friday 10am-7pm Saturday 10am-3pm


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Follow Up

We will follow up after wrinkle relaxer and dermal filler appointment to ensure proper healing and outcomes

Individualized Results

We will work together to achieve the best, most youthful version of you

Beauty Approach

A unique beauty technique with a goal of improved facial harmony, specializing In achieving a more youthful and balanced appearance to the face.

Starting a medispa in an oversaturated market should have been something to deter me from my dreams but I’ll tell you why it wasn’t. I started my career as a nurse practitioner in 2017 and landed right in aesthetics in 2018. I skipped the primary care, the specialities, the hospital, all of it and if i’m going to be honest, it was by total chance (or as I like to refer to it best, luck).

My training and education goes back 4 years and from the minute I took my first syringe in hand, I felt so comfortable and at home. What has remained constant throughout my journey in practice was first, safety and second, listening to my patients. I became obsessed with understanding what they truly wanted and combined with my growing expertise and guidance, piecing together the plan that made them feel comfortable first, and beautiful second. 

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